SFF: First Chapters Long List (20)

SFF: First Chapters: Long List (Top 20)

Top 20 SFF: First Chapters
(titles listed in no particular order)


Iron Curse

Air Skates

The Hunt for Momma Linda



Metal Casing

Sand and Blood

Tales of Starcross

Behind the Golden Mask

Cradle of Oblivion


Tiger and Thistle


The Professional Mule

Smile When I Wake

A Murder in the Elephant Quarter

A Carnival Ago

The Magic of Fixing Broken Things

Twice Gallowed


Congrats to those who made the Top 20. There were 104 entries in total (including Bursary, and 50% Discounted categories). 

The announcement of the shortlist of 10 will happen on the News Page next week. So, pop back to see which stories make the final 10.