Short Story Long List (20)

Short Story (8000 max): Long List (Top 20)

Top 20 Short Story (8000 max) Entries
(titles listed in no particular order)

The House of Genyo
The Big Drip
The Beatniks Next Door
The Alien Invasion
Urashima Meets the Fish King
Percy The Purple Penguin
Smoke Jumpers
The Censor
The Greatest Hero of Them All
Mulligrew Row
Party Night
The Business Trip
Just George
The Final Front Ear
Sweet Beak
Orlando In The Pantiles
The Acre
Hilter’s Alligator
The Grand Send Off

Congratulations to those who made the long list. Commiserations to those who didn’t this time. The standard of entries was high. There were 230 entries in total (including Bursary and 50% Discounted categories). If you didn’t get through to the final 20 this time, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and enter our NEW Short Story (5000 word max.) with literary agent, novelist, and award-winning short story writer, Annie DeWitt. Top prize: £1,000. Deadline: 30th April, 2023. The writers who make it to the ranks of the professionals are the ones who combine imagination, aspiration, determination and resilience.

The announcement of the Short Story (8000 words max.) short list of 10 will happen on the News Page same time next week. So, pop back to see which stories make the final 10.