Poetry (40 lines) Long List

Poetry (40 lines): Long List (Top 20)

Pascale Petit

Top 20 Poetry (40 lines max) Entries
(titles listed in no particular order)

The Road
Watching My Brother From The Edge
The Green Room
How to Lose a Whole Forest
The Wheels of My Wagon are Possibly Square
Dupuytren’s Contracture
Before 23
Time of Day
Sweet Bananas
The Bull and The Pharaoh
When You Feel So Very Small
She Whispers Us All Awake
My Childhood Dog
10 Observations of Quarry Tiling
Wolf’s Bane

Congratulations to those who made the long list. The standard of entries was high. There were 576 entries in total (including Bursary and 50% Discounted categories).

The announcement of the shortlist of 10 will happen on the News page next week. So, pop back to see which stories made the cut.