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ProWritingAid Sponsors The Plaza Literary: First Chapters Prize

ProWritingAid, the essential toolkit that helps storytellers reach their full potential, is proud to announce its sponsorship of The Plaza Prizes Literary: First Chapters Prize.

“We are thrilled to partner with The Plaza Prizes and support emerging writers taking their first step towards getting published,” says Chris Banks, CEO of ProWritingAid. “ProWritingAid is the perfect fit for writers looking to bring their vision and their story to life.”

‘You cannot edit your work enough for a literary contest,’ says Simon Kerr, Director of The Plaza Prizes. ‘The bar is set incredibly high, so try using ProWritingAid FREE and edit your work thoroughly BEFORE submitting. Make sure there is not even one typo in your submission.’

The winner will receive £1500 ($1750); mentoring from Jason Mott; and a year long subscription to ProWritingAid Premium Pro (worth £144/$160).

ProWritingAid will be also be providing FREE AI-generated critiques for every submission to this competition. Feedback on your work is incredibly important to develop your editing/rewriting skill-sets.

Whether writers are just starting out or are seasoned novelists, ProWritingAid can help unlock creativity and get the ink flowing. With this new partnership, entrants to The Plaza Prizes have an edge when it comes to making those all-important first chapters truly shine.

ENTER The Plaza Literary: First Chapters Prize. Judge: Jason Mott. 1st Prize: £1,500 (US$1750). Deadline: 31st July 2024.