The Plaza Poetry Prize (40 lines) Long List

The Plaza Poetry Prize Long List

Top 20 Poetry Entries
(titles listed in no particular order)



From a Distant Country

An Amnesty of Moss

Odeon Days

When our approximate


Swan Catching Ritual

Not Here Yet

Crossing Over

The Small Picture

Under the Hunter’s Moon

6 Days Without Blinking

Puck’s Glen

Electric Whooper


In Siberia

The Last Meatpacker NYC


Compeche Island

Congrats to the 20 poets who made the long list. The standard of entries was high. There were 561 entries in total (including Bursary and 50% Discounted categories).

The announcement of the shortlist of 10 will happen on the News page end of next week. The final 10 will be published in The Plaza Prizes Anthology 2. So, pop back to see which made the cut. 

The Plaza Audio Poetry Prize is open to enter. Judge: Paul Farley. 1st prize: £1,000. Deadline: 30th June 2024.