The Plaza Short Story Shortlist

The Plaza Short Story Shortlist

Top 10 Short Story Entries
(titles listed in no particular order)

Genjo-no Oba

The Single Glove Museum

The Outlaw Fido McGowan

Sekijang Island

A Sea Storm

Dirty Chicken Rice

Broken Down Messiahs

The Beloved

The Pomegranate Lady

Return of the Egrets

Congrats to the 10 writers who made the shortlist. They will be published in The Plaza Prizes Anthology 2.

The announcement of the winners will happen on the News page end of next week, so check-in to see which stories make the cut.

The NEW 2024 Plaza Literary: First Chapters Prize, judged by US National Book Award Winner, Jason Mott, is open to enter. 1st prize: £1,500 ($1750). Deadline: 31st July 2024.